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1st EBVMA Symposium

18–19 May 2004

Using Evidence-Based Medicine and Outcome Assessment in Veterinary Medicine

Mississippi State University

  1. EBVM: What is it?
    Philip Roudebush DVM, Dipl ACVIM, Hills Pet Nutrition, Inc., Topeka, KS
  2. Teaching EBVM at Cambridge
    Mark Holmes Vet.MB, M.A., PhD, University of Cambridge, England
  3. Teaching EBM concepts
    Dan Mayer MD, Albany Medical College, NY
  4. Teaching EBM: a team approach
    Dan Mayer MD, Albany Medical College, NY
  5. EBVM: what does the future hold?
    Hugh Lewis, BVMS, Dipl. ACVP, Banfield, The Pet Hospital/Data Savant, Inc.
  6. Where do we go from here?
    Stanley Robertson, DVM; Mississippi State University, Starkville
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The EBVMA (Evidence-Based Veterinary Medicine Association) is an international non-profit [U.S. 501(c)3] professional organization founded to better organize the emerging research, training and practice of evidence-based veterinary medicine (EBVM) — the formal strategy to integrate the best critically-designed and statistically evaluated research available combined with clinical expertise as well as the unique needs or wishes of each client in clinical practice.

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