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2nd EBVMA Symposium

14–15 June 2006

Using EBM and Outcome Assessment in Veterinary Medicine

Mississippi State University

  1. ”Introduction to EBVM ”
    Mark Holmes, Vet.MB, M.A., PhD; University of Cambridge, UK
  2. EBM/EBVM from the human cognition perspective
    John Gay, DVM, PhD; Washington State University
  3. ”Teaching EBM ”
    Mark Holmes, Vet.MB, M.A., PhD; University of Cambridge, UK
  4. Critically-appraised topics (CAT’s), clinical audit, and practice-based research
    Mark Holmes, Vet.MB, M.A., PhD; University of Cambridge
  5. Update of the 3rd International Conference of Evidence-based Health Care Teachers & Developers
    Donna Shettko, DVM; Western University
  6. ”Therapeutic dogmas and EBVMA-experience in a senior elective ”
    Cory Langston, DVM, PhD, DACVCP; Mississippi State University
  7. The Veterinary Antimicrobial Decision Support (VADS) System: What we actually know about extra-label antimicrobial drug use in food animals
    Mike Apley, DVM, PhD, DACVCP, Kansas State University
  8. USP evidence-based pharmacotherapy
    Amy Neal, DVM; US Pharmacopeia
  9. Clinical nutrition update: What is the evidence?
    Todd Towell, DVM, MS, DACVIM; Hill’s Science and Technology Center
  10. The sharing of data and its role in EBVM
    Allen Hahn, DVM, PhD; University of Missouri
  11. Using critically appraised topics (CATs) to teach EBVM to veterinary students
    Stanley Robertson DVM, Mississippi State University
  12. What are systematic reviews and how are they different from what we are doing now? The process of systematic reviews: Writing systematic review reports
    Jan Sargent, DVM, MSc, PhD; McMaster University
  13. EBVM Association Organizational Meeting
    Robert Larson, DVM, PhD; Kansas State University
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